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This Video and blog is showing Our Martial Arts Instructor Miss. Meenu life-changing phases.

How Martial Arts changed her life.

Meenu   - DREAMS, Which don’t let me SLEEP.

I always wanted to be successful in my life but the question is how?

That I don’t know but all I want in my Life is to become successful.

I was a sports person, I play volleyball, cricket , but unable to find a scope in it

So, at the very young age I started looking for a job and I did.

I worked for the MLM or Net working companies also.

But later on I realize that from these jobs I cannot fulfill my dreams.

I am not happy with the 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM shifts.

Then I met Mr. Satish Kumar, I already know him. I told my story that I want to be successful.

He suggested me that if I am a sports person then I should make my future in sports.

Then I thought he is right. I can do that and then I ask how?

Then he suggests me to do work with him.

He told me that he is running UNIVERSAL MARTIAL ARTS Academy, Which is upcoming fastest growing Martial Arts Academy in Chandigarh.

He offered me the post of Marketing Executive in UNIVERSAL MARTIAL ARTS.

And as I was a sports person I said yes, because I already know him and I have faith in him.

He also starts giving me Martial Arts training which build my confidence more.

I was learning while working.

After meeting him I realize that it is very important to have GURU(teacher) in our life who will guide you from time to time.

He taught me that, in every situation of your life, you have to fight.

You don’t have to quit you have fight for yourself.

I feel blessed to be a part of this academy. I feel blessed that life gives me the opportunity to work with him.

He told me that if you are a girl, do not consider yourself weak, you can do everything.


Mr. Satish Kumar - When I met Meenu

She is frustrated with her 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM shift job.

Then I told her that why not she makes her career in sports, we already know each other I have seen her playing volleyball, cricket. I know she is a sports person.

She is talented, hardworking, goal-oriented and positive.

Then I thought why she works for others why not she joined me.

Then I suggested her to work with me she said yes because she already knows me and she believes me.

I offered her Marketing Executives Post in UNIVERSAL MARTIAL ARTS.

I still remember when she joined me in my work I was too happy and we start working together but she is lazy, she is always late in class, she is faced a lot of trouble.

Then I start giving her MARTIAL ARTS training also, which gives her life a direction.

And after completing black belt course in Martial arts I also offered her the post of instructor in Universal Martial Arts.

Now, she taught Martial Arts to girls and children in UNIVERSAL MARTIAL ARTS.

She is more disciplined, responsible, more confident, hardworking, and passionate.

Like she builds her career in UNIVERSAL MARTIAL ARTS you can also.

We have a lot of opportunities here.


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